Internet Connections

Internet Connections

Are you wanting internet in your home or even while you’re away from home?

Have you already got internet access, but are having trouble with it?

Are you sure you’re on the best possible plan for your needs?

Alan can configure your internet connection properly and solve any problems you may be experiencing. He can also make sure you’re on the best possible plan with your internet provider and potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

The internet can be a dangerous place for people of all age groups, through phone and email scams and internet fraud

Children - the internet is a place where many criminals target children on social media websites, chat site and more. If you have children using your internet (unsupervised), then you should get an expert to make sure it’s safe for them.

The Elderly - it’s a very disappointing fact that the elderly of our community, right here in Hervey Bay have been regularly targeted by criminals from overseas, trying to steel your money. They attempt to trick users by cold calling, and pretending to be from Microsoft or some other well know company (ie. Symantec, McAfee and more) claiming to be able to fix your computer problems… even if you didn’t know you had a problem. If you’ve been called by one of these people, then you should get an expert to look over your computer immediately  to make sure your computer data and financial details a safe.

People of all ages - These types of scams can target people of any age… but the criminals do see children and the elderly as easier targets, but if you have concerns, then please call Alan immediately for assistance on 0419 678 180.