Sales and Advice

Sales and Advice

Sometimes, it’s not training you want… you just need some good old fashioned advice. From someone you can trust, who knows the product your needing advice for and who’ll give an honest and direct answer… no waffle.

Alan can often assist with sales enquiries, but he’s not there just to make the sale… Alan’s priority has been and always will be to support the customer, through troubleshooting, good advice and training. Alan does not run a retail business, but a support and training business… however, if you need to purchase something through him, you often can.

Even if you don’t buy through Alan, he can still offer excellent advice to ensure you purchase the right product and your investment is not wasted.

Phone and Internet Contracts
In addition, whether you’ve had an internet or phone plan for many years, or if you’re just planning on signing up to one soon… Alan can offer sound advice to ensure you get the right plan for your needs and budget. Don’t just sign up to the first plan they offer you, it’s usually way more than you need and will cost you “an arm and a leg”… Let Alan save you money by helping you choose right, the first time.

Call Now
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