With more than 20 years of experience training people of all generations, how to use their computers and mobile devices, Alan can offer quality training to almost any person for almost any technology device.

Alan offers training in both Groups and One-On-One for many types of software, including…

- Windows Operating Systems,
- Office Suites (such as Word, Excel and Publisher),
- Financial Products,
- Photo Editing,
- Graphic Design Software.

He also offers training in how to use your

- Smart Phone,
- Tablet PC,
- TV’s,
- Digital Cameras,
- Bluray / DVD / VHS Players,
- PVR’s and Set Top Boxes,
- Foxtel and much more…

He has been known by most of his students as a trainer who uses small words and not jargon… He trains at a pace that’s easy to follow… He’s patient with slow learners… and he has a policy of “there’s no such thing as a stupid question“.

If you need training in a computer or one of the products listed above, then don’t hesitate to call Alan now on… 0419 678 180.